Our assets

Rich and varied operational experience : acquired by the partners in the field with economic players of all sizes, and within high added-value missions. A genuine heavy weight in the accounting professions, the versatility which we taken as our speciality, today enables us to be the single contact for company managers and financial departments, as well as guaranteeing the quality of our work.

Quality of service : separately from our skills and our motivation, due to our high standards we constantly offer tailor-made and progressive services, adapted to market requirements. Satisfying our client is at the heart of our concerns.

Proximity and capacity to react of a firm on a human scale : Availability, responsiveness and communication, enable us to build a long-term partnership relation with you proposing tailor-made services appropriate to your requirements. They also help in identifying opportunities and/or risks.

Structured and strict management : We are in a position to provide effective support when carrying out your projects,by means of pragmatic recommendations and high added-value position documents. Our dynamism and our capacity for leadership will, if need be, enable you to unite the teams and to mobiliser energies around your projects.

Multi-disciplinary network : the reasonable assurance of finding whatever expertise is required within our network. In certain special cases which do not fall within our direct competence, we can direct you to a network of recognised associates who can provide you with all their expertise:specialised lawyers, notaries, consultants, chartered accountant colleagues, and so on.

Innovation : on a constantly changing market, we endeavour to set up innovative solutions while creating value. This approach enables us to ensure that our performance will continue in the long-term and will make the best response to the constraints and issues in our missions.

Independence : It enables us to be extremely objective towards your situation and your problems. It is expressed in practical terms by the freedom to take the best strategic decisions where your projects are concerned.

Entrepreneurship : as you yourselves each day are faced with problems specific to company managers, we are an associate to the forefront in assisting you in managing your projects.

Competitive pricing : A lightweight structure and flexible solutionsappropriate to your needs makes it possible for us to offer you the most advantageous prices.