Our values

Regardless of our clients’ business, their size and development, we consider that abiding by our values is of the greatest importance.



For us,responsiveness, proximity and loyalty are the basic elements in a relationship of trust, both sustainable and effective. Above all, we have taken the position as business partners for our clients and their projects. Our firm's name "Axe Partners" was moreover chosen to convey this.


Team spirit

Our team's driving force lies permanently in the values in sport, solidarity, dynamism, and the taste for a challenge. As a preferential partner of company managers and/or financial departments, our ambition is to provide them with support and to guide them in achieving their objectives.



Quite a part our satisfying our clients, on the principle of constantly improving our services, we endeavour to develop and share our skills, to remain at the cutting edge in your area of expertise, and to encourage each one to give of his/her best.



We are committed to serving our customers' strong criteria:capacity to react, proximity, quality of service, confidentiality and professional ethics.